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Sunrise over Rio de Janeiro

Tuesday | June 10, 2014 (Getting There)

Hello Friends and Fam,

We made it to Miami (MIA) and are passing significant time in the Admiral’s Club before our overnight flight to Rio de Janeiro. ¬†From there we will catch a 2-hour flight that should put us into Salvador by 11:00 AM tomorrow, June 11th.

P-Wags chillin' in the Admiral's Club at MIA
P-Wags chillin’ in the Admiral’s Club at MIA

We have already seen and talked to many other soccer fans headed to different cities in Brazil, including a couple of Brits that will attending two of our games.  Such nice chaps!

Over and out until we get off the plane in Salvador, check in and reestablish a good Wi-Fi connection.

TAM is Brazil’s main airline, and ours too until we return to the U.S. on the 24th of June
6+ hour layover, officially over.
6+ hour layover, officially over.
Carlie - Comfy 'n stuff?
Carlie – Comfy ‘n stuff?
Sunrise over Rio de Janeiro
Sunrise over Rio de Janeiro…almost there…

We will try our best to keep this up-to date, and interesting, so please let us know if you are following us…

Jeff & Carlie